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What God thinks is all that matters.��

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These books are about God, UFOs and YOU in other words about God'.If you are not truly searching for yourself as ONE with God, or if your mind is not open to an Omnipotent God who does not depend on your beliefs for her existence, then you likely will not finish reading these books.So why begin?Sure, okay - shock will suffice for a start.Yes, these books should shock you.If you stay curious you will end up in AWE of God, and likely in eternal Heaven at some point beyond this exceedingly short material life.

The world-renown religious leader, Reverend Billy Graham agrees that most people, who find God through Jesus Christ, do so at a relatively young age, and as a person grows older it becomes increasingly difficult to change his or her world views.They become enamored of the world as it is and themselves as they are.Change is difficult; however, Dr. Graham also knows that all things are possible with God.Therefore we ask you to keep an open mind and not to give up.Your eternity must be godly in order for you to continue existing as you albeit a changed' you.

On reading these books, a few people might conclude they are fiction and perhaps relegate them to fantasy.Many opinions are expressed herein by the main character - portrayed as a human in dog form.Now, really; does that sound like fiction or fantasy?Of course not - or at least it should not - after you read the books.These works are based on truth, with perhaps just perhaps,' mind you… a tad bit of fictional coloration.Keep in mind that God is fully capable of any scenario portrayed in these books and to the extent it would be factual, not fictional.You should see for yourself, God is involved in these books.

How much of a contributor God was to the works will be determined by the future.The goal of the books is to apprise yes, apprise' - people that "Religionality